Charitable Cultural Education Project:

“Chinese Culture Blesses Well-Being”

Global children and youths "Journey to the West" poetry recitation & storytelling competition

“Chinese Culture Blesses Well-Being”, an innovative, global large-scale public welfare cultural education project

Mission: Promote wonderful and excellent Chinese traditional culture, and bless the people of the world to enjoy safety forever. Through organizing the "Journey to the West" poetry recitation & storytelling competition every year around the world, the following goals are achieved:

  • Narrow the gap between urban and rural area education in China
  • Inherit the excellent Chinese traditional culture
  • Promote the trend of speaking standard Mandarin in China and abroad
  • Disseminate positive values and perspectives in moral and ethical education, guide and promote the all-round development of students, and cultivate virtuous and talented future social leaders

3VA-PT03 Hong, Shiyan – poem – Chapter 17:Setting Bait for the Palm-Leaf Fan Thrice

3VB-SL051-Hong Lanyi- Story –Chapter 13:Got Rid of the Fiend in the Black Rooster Kingdom

The mission of cultural exchange and integration between China and foreign countries
  • Chinese language has become one of the important tools for Sino-foreign exchanges and communication
  • By holding various open competitions and performances related to Chinese language and Chinese studies, it has opened up a precedent for overseas cooperation
Charitable cultural exchanges and education approaches
  • The fast leveraging of language learning globally will gradually develop a Chinese-foreign country cultural exchange that meets the needs of children and youths in various countries
  • The mechanism of communion and cooperation will build a bridge for the sharing, integration and mutual learning of Chinese language and foreign cultures, and will achieve a wide range of positive results
  • It will become a big classroom for children from all over the world to learn Chinese language, perceive Chinese culture, and facilitate learning from each other
  • It can further expand the new employment opportunity for young people from all countries, promote economic and trade exchanges, narrow the gap between China and the world, and add value to public exchanges between China and foreign countries
Plans, names and timetable of activities

From 2021 to 2025. Due to the negative impact of the global Corona virus epidemic, the organizer will pay close attention to and make appropriate arrangements and adjustments to the planned activities to suit the participating cultural promotion volunteers, expert teachers, partners and contestants.

Global children and youths "Journey to the West" poetry recitation & storytelling competition recitation materials

"Appreciating the past, knowing the present, and enlightening the future". The innovative "Journey to the West - Learn with Me" poetry collection published in Hong Kong by the organizer, Pannian Public Welfare Cultural Activity Centre, was designated as the mandatory recitation material of this competition. The reason is these 25 episodes of poems combine both classic and modern cultural features and characteristics.

The novel of "Journey to the West":

  • Is one of the four famous Chinese classic literatures
  • Possesses unique and extensive philosophical ideas and high cultural and artistic value
  • Brings to readers rich imagination and creativity

Generates enlightenment and cultivates a concept of distinguishing right from wrong, as well as an indomitable and courageous spirit

The "Journey to the West - Learn with Me" poetry collection consists of original modern and lively poetry text:

  • Let the reciters and storytellers fully demonstrate the cultural mission of the current era
  • There are 18 major foreign language versions, including English, French, Malaysian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog and other foreign languages. Hence, they are very suitable for children and youths in most countries with different languages to fully understand and learn
  • Culture is the collective identity of a country’s or nation’s history, geography, traditional and modern customs, lifestyle, literature and art, behavioral norms, ways of thinking, values, etc.
  • A person’s cultivation is represented by her/his cultural quality
  • Cultural education is a social phenomenon and, at the same time, a historical phenomenon

When the society values culture and people are diligent in reading widely, they will accumulate cultural knowledge, understand history, understand gains and losses, as well as advise on good ideas. They can also "be good at governing in light of the past."

Reading and learning - have you learned today?

Reading can increase knowledge, broaden your mind, enlighten your wisdom, understand the truth, develop your observation, thinking, imagination and language expression skills; it can also cultivate your sentiment, give you calmness and comfort, as well as enrich your leisure life, etc.

"Learning through East to West" means to acquire thorough understanding and knowledge of various cultures and arts of both the Eastern and Western countries. In this website, you can always subscribe to the Chinese and foreign cultural education e-books and physical books to facilitate and meet your learning needs.

Types of Book

eBooks of Chinese Culture

  • Children's rhymes
  • Chinese English Pedia
  • Religious cultures

Paper Books of Chinese Culture

  • Children's rhymes
  • Cultural relics

eBook of Chinese Culture: "Journey to the West - Learn with Me" poetry collection (Chinese-English Edition)


OK, “The Journey to the West” is considered by most scholars as one of the four masterpieces of classical Chinese literature. The story follows the legendary pilgrimage of a monk, Tang Sanzang (Tang Monk or Xuancang) along with his three disciples, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Seng, across a perilous journey to the west to reach Tianzhu (now India). During their adventures, the group gallantly overcame many tribulations and ordeals from battling treacherous terrain to encountering various monsters and fiends, some challenges were purposefully setup by the Deities as a test of their resolve to attain the Buddhist scriptures (sutras). In the end, the monk and his disciples reached their destination and acquired the true scriptures from the Buddhist Patriarch.

Since the novel’s publication countless interpretations have emerged. Studies of the literature have received great interest from Chinese and international audiences. To garner the public’s interest in “The Journey to the West” and to gain a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and Mandarin, we have produced a selection of bilingual short poems in Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English. A comprehensive read-aloud version of “The Journey to the West – Learn with Me” (or “Journey to West: Learn with Me”) Poems, in the form of mobile apps, is available for download from leading mobile app stores, i.e., Google's Play Store, Apple's Apple Store and Huawei's AppGallery.



自《西游记》小说问世以来,各种各样的版本层出不穷,在国内外的研究价值都非常之高。为了激发人们对《西游记》的兴趣,对中国文化的了解、欣赏与热爱,也为了让全世界读者们更容易地认识中国文化和学习普通话,我们特别创作了这本中、英文双语及简、繁体对照的《西游记》诗歌朗诵集和一套更完整的安卓手机版及苹果手机版的《西游记 跟我学》诗歌移动式应用版本。

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